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"What I Am"
A story of an entire life.

I Am Child, I Am Man. written in a hand that can.
I Am Love, I Am Hate. spoken words on writtens cave
I Am Fearless, I Am Fear. the light of life casts a shadow.
I Am Many, I Am None. on my first birthday I was One.
I Am Telling, I Am Known.
                         i am selling the peoples clone.

I Am Teachers, I Am Legion = one in six makes six one, divide to mulitply and change the sum.   
I Am Student
I Am Hear: "r, a". eHm! AI|
                          |Written in BLOOD deep beneath the skin tells me I believe in sin.
I Am Lost.
I Am Here, how did I just disappear?

  Sleeping in front of the mirror, it came to pass I awoke right here.
I was absent of thought and full of emotion. I began to smile and felt a tear.
The answer was truth and the truth was simple, forget what you know right out the window.

The I Am & the I ams.

my life and yours, so differently were we the same, seperated in communications game.
before we knew hate we first knew love, love was lost, and returned above.
we made an image in place of love, since love knew not hate not even today.
the image was not enough for us, so we created more and called it trust.
we placed our hope in our creation, and said we will build all nations.
secretly we thought one against the other not knowing ourselves we faked a lover.
i was right in my own mind, you knew that, so you left me be. likewise, I agree.
this is what they want me to be, i saw it all and called it tv.
why do we hurt each other, i really don't know! i really don't know!
i matured much in seek of truth, and told my stories to all the youth.
the day came, i was born again, i was free from all my sin.
i felt ashamed for misleading the youth, i repented from all i knew.
i had lived many lives, while the me inside slowly died.
i had to forget all i'd learned maybe then love would return.
my head was clear the canvas was finally empty and pure.
shh, just wait, listen and hear.
the mystery above it's all right here,

                                      "r, a". eHm! AI
have you figured it out?
                          The answer was truth and the truth was SIMPLE.