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September 29, 2008


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I went through every single traditional work with search terms "colored pencil", did a forum request for cp works, searched many other artists and areas, and then checked every piece. I left out the most popular & older works, for the most part, these are all pretty fresh or unseen works. I spent a whole lot of time doing this because I have a disorder that makes me do things weird. If you're reading this I'm probably done typing it, that's nice. I hope you enjoy this feature, or don't enjoy your future. I love you & have a fair fight.

[Everything below is done in colored pencils]
[There are a few works that use pastel pencils]
    [The most used brand is of course, prismacolor pencils]
        [The entire collection I put together to use is located here…

Eye Catcher by solid-Chroma Eye Catcher by ~solid-Chroma
Eye candy by illogan Eye candy by =illogan
Purple Gleam by Maeriz Purple Gleam by ~Maeriz
Colored Pencil Blue Eye by theGaffney Colored Pencil Blue Eye by ~theGaffney
:thumb87502739: Eye am Afraid by =duststorm10
Eye colored by hollowfyre Eye colored by ~hollowfyre
eye by meplusyou eye by ~meplusyou
:thumb96007264: Cat Eye by ~ART-fromthe-HEART

Rachel Leigh Cook by mild-mannered Rachel Leigh Cook by ~mild-mannered
:thumb97952434: Jimi Hendrix - Electric Fire by ~mikehardt87
Kate Moss colored portrait by lacrimeoscure89 Kate Moss colored portrait by ~lacrimeoscure89
Johnny Depp 1 by Maggy-P Johnny Depp 1 by ~Maggy-P
I'll Be Back by zlgriff I'll Be Back by ~zlgriff

Sexy Wintry by artsyberry Sexy Wintry by ~artsyberry
:thumb95922476: Bini by =duststorm10
Bed Head by AnimePunk204 Bed Head by ~AnimePunk204
RED by tclow RED by ~tclow
Katy P by KRxox Katy P by ~KRxox
Again Red by passivefreedom Again Red by ~passivefreedom
:thumb98614615: Girl 2 by ~megamn44
178 by marshmallowglue 178 by ~marshmallowglue
:thumb97845954: Engulfed In A Flame by ~red-razor-bot

Ed by ckoffler "ED" by =koffler
:thumb99146042: mo by *Mariolly
monster in green by mountainlaurelarts monster in green by ~queasy
L by mild-mannered L by ~mild-mannered
Clockwork by AudreyAngel Clockwork by ~AudreyAngel

Boots by marshon Boots by *marshon
:thumb98834988: Evening Star by ~benSatori
Chalice by ckoffler "CHALICE" by =koffler
Vanessa - Pencil Sketch +Color by Arkyrra Vanessa - Pencil Sketch +Color by ~Arcy-is-distracted
Sunshine through cotton shirt by johnwickart Sunshine through cotton shirt by *johnwickart
:thumb44632033: Tina by ~thetube
A secret by johnwickart A secret by *johnwickart
Surf by johnwickart Surf by *johnwickart
Color Pencil Venus by Akifan Color Pencil Venus by ~Akifan
Papillon by Facenna Papillon by *Facenna
Lip Service by Gyllene Lip Service by ~Gyllene
PEARL Female Study by Facenna PEARL Female Study by *Facenna
Scrap Girl - Pencil Sketch +c by Arkyrra Aussie Girl - Pencil Sketch +c by ~Arcy-is-distracted

Pus by Wilhelmina-Adams Pus by ~Wilhelmina-Adams
Toucan by oakleyc Toucan by ~oakleyc
Regal by ~LittleSeo
Preston G. by sgchipman Preston G. by ~sgchipman
:thumb98898231: oh hi there by ~zerotwospirited
:thumb88600041: Seeing Single by ~JordanMar
Kappa by Julemus Kappa by *Julemus
Cover Your Eyes2 by akastardotstar Cover Your Eyes2 by *akastardotstar
Perched Parrot by hyperwires Perched Parrot by ~hyperwires
:thumb96517454: Coral Snake by ~christytina
Fluorescent Froggy by AdnamaLavode Fluorescent Froggy by ~AdnamaLavode
:thumb78170457: Brown Horse colored pencil by ~haroowasabilover

The Magicians Library 2 by Shondrea The Magicians Library 2 by ~Shondrea
:thumb56977746: toxic by ~lonelysky
by the shape of your heart by ~AnteDiluvianBaby
Eric Downey Legs by ckoffler "ERIC DOWNEY LEGS" by =koffler
:thumb98806395: SeaHorse maybe? by ~constantflow

"Miss Carolyn" by Lyle462 "Miss Carolyn" by *Lyle462
Goddard's Blackjack Spritzer by Marinegirl694eva Goddard's Blackjack Spritzer by ~Marinegirl694eva
"VIVA LAS VEGAS" by ckoffler "VIVA LAS VEGAS" by =koffler
West Coast Chevy Retro Ad by Lyle462 West Coast Chevy Retro Ad by *Lyle462
Ducktape by dieselart Ducktape by *dieselart
Harley Davidson by ckoffler "HARLEY DAVIDSON" by =koffler
Colored Pencil Harley 1 by theGaffney Colored Pencil Harley 1 by ~theGaffney
Rust 'N Roll by margo98 Rust 'N Roll by *margo98
A House by =SaxGirl1010

:thumb67271190: "heinz" by ~lmmarx
still life 2 by sjb2588 still life 2 by ~sjb2588
Glass Reflection by EugeneRainy Glass Reflection by ~EugeneRainy
tuba keys by hellskitten969 tuba keys by ~hellskitten969

Collaboration With Myself by BlueBurgStudios Collaboration With Myself by ~Eyeball32000
Torn Between Heaven and Hell by golfiscool Torn Between Heaven and Hell by ~golfiscool
Hurry Curry by Wildraw Hurry Curry by ~Wildraw
Toll Beach Parade by BlueBurgStudios Toll Beach Parade by ~Eyeball32000
:thumb71518261: Dali's Realm, color pencil by ~Profezzor
Raining Irons on Baltic Avenue by lycanthropeful Raining Irons on Baltic Avenue by =SaxGirl1010

Doctor Doctor by ckoffler "DOCTOR DOCTOR" by =koffler
"No running in the hallways" by FIENDISH-ART "No running in the hallways" by ~FIENDISH-ART
The Pith of Sin by TheKingArthur The Pith of Sin by ~TheKingArthur
Music At Midnight III by SamGuinArt Music At Midnight III by ~SamGuinArt
The Sentient by DecadentDementia The Sentient by ~DecadentDementia
Soviet Flag by ckoffler "RUSSIAN FLAG" by =koffler
pact of blood by crazy-arty-type embob's picture by ~crazy-arty-type
Suicide by Kamij Suicide by ~Kamij

Mild-Mannered by mild-mannered Mild-Mannered by ~mild-mannered
:thumb97093691: Codename: Lightning by ~Shade-Skill
Lional Atwill by ckoffler "LIONAL ATWILL" by =koffler
Hobo by M-Batz Hobo by ~M-Batz
snake eyes by NgBoy - colored by westwolf270 snake eyes by NgBoy - colored by ~westwolf270

Moon n Tree by RoseFaerie Moon n Tree by ~RoseFaerie
:thumb66877658: pondering by ~bigman19
Spaceman by ~a-wilson

:thumb78320371: Colored Swamp by ~XGravityKillsX
Nightscape by CozmicDreamer Nightscape by *CozmicDreamer
Two Girls on the Beach by omorpha-matia Two Girls on the Beach by ~omorpha-matia
river rock by kimbas river rock by ~kimbas

PhsychodelicPeacock by Kyuumai PhsychodelicPeacock by ~Kyuumai
Imagitaria by strohat Imagitaria by *strohat
"Synaptic Procreation" by Canvas-Assassin "Synaptic Procreation" by ~Canvas-Assassin
Talks to the Rainbows by Wormsinwombs Talks to the Rainbows by ~Wormsinwombs
Pipe Dreams by Canvas-Assassin Pipe Dreams by ~Canvas-Assassin
:thumb95814089: Music Comes In All Colors by ~PyroGothgal
Reighn-bow by DaAniellA Reighn-bow by ~DaAniellA
mary's rose by chichibio mary's rose by ~chichibio

Apple Still Life by MeticulousTwin Apple Still Life by ~MeticulousTwin
Royal Crown by ckoffler "ROYAL CROWN" by =koffler
Apples by artsyberry Apples by ~artsyberry
Colored Pencil Still Life by N2hockey19 Colored Pencil Still Life by ~N2hockey19
Still Life of Shoes by omorpha-matia Still Life of Shoes by ~omorpha-matia
Blue Rose Final by kaltblut Blue Rose Final by *kaltblut
Kiwis by MewAnonymous Kiwis by *MewAnonymous

*Since most people in the world are whores, why don't you give some love to these artists by fav and stuffs.
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tanja4002 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2010
Thanks for posting this, i really enjoyed looking through the pictures, some were very inspiring! :)
LittleMissRockstar Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
dude this is AMAZING! I'll never feel like a silly little kid drawing with pencil crayons again :O_o:
Expressiveness Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2009
all together amazing!
tenko72 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2009
Great feature!
dreamland Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2009
excellent collection :+fav:
lmmarx Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
well thank you very much!!
ronsongreen Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
The pencil work really is fantastic thank you for showing them
imperiom Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
hyperwires Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2008  Student General Artist
I am incredibly honored to be included here. :aww: This is a truly amazing collection and I am just astounded that I am a part of this. Thank you very much, Koffler, and thank you for the favorite on my piece as well. I am inspired to put more time into traditional colored pencil.
Questiun Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2008
Thanks for sharing the inspiration, I can't believe you're suspended! WTF!
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